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Welcome to this Python course – a fast-track to Python mastery. The goal of this course is to lift you to the skill level of a Python freelancer such that you can earn money and support yourself in growing even further.

This is an interactive course, so ask questions and participate actively!

The great code masters – Knuth, Torvalds, and Gates – share one character trait: the ambition to learn.

If you are joining this course, you are an aspiring coder and you seek ways to advance your coding skills.

  • You already have some experience in writing code, but you feel that there is a lot to be learned before you become a master coder.
  • You want to read and understand code better.
  • You want to challenge the status quo that some of your peers understand code faster than you.
  • Or you are already proficient with another programming language like Java or C++ but want to learn Python to become more valuable to the marketplace.

Either way, you have already proven your ambition to learn and, therefore, this course is for you. To join the league of the great code masters, you only have to do one thing: stay in the game.

The main driver for mastery is neither a character trait nor talent. Mastery comes from intense, structured training. The author Malcolm Gladwell formulated the famous rule of 10,000 hours after collecting research from various fields such as psychology and neurological science. The rule states that if you have average talent, you will reach mastery in any discipline by investing approximately 10,000 hours of intense training. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, reached mastery at a young age as a result of coding for more than 10,000 hours. He was committed and passionate about coding and worked long nights to develop his skills. He was anything but an overnight success.

There is one thing that will empower you to invest the 10,000 hours of hard, focused work to reach mastery. What do you think it is? As for the code masters, it's your ambition to learn that will drive you through the valleys of desperation on your path to mastery: complex code, nasty bugs, and project managers pushing tight deadlines.

Nurturing your ambition to learn will pay a rich stream of dividends to you and your family as long as you live. It will make you a respectable member of the society providing unique value to information technology, automation, and digitalization. Ultimately, it will give you strong confidence. So keeping your ambition to learn intact is the one thing you must place above all else.

This course aims to be a stepping stone on your path to becoming a Python master. It helps you to learn faster by making use of the established principles of good teaching. It offers you more than thirty hours of thorough Python training (during your coffee breaks) using one of the most efficient learning techniques, called practice testing. Investing this time will kickstart your skills to write, read, and understand Python source code.  

The idea is that you solve code puzzles that start out simple but become more and more complex as you proceed. In essence, you play Python interpreter and compute the output of a code snippet in your head. Then you check whether you were right with your guess – using feedback and explanations – to adapt and improve your coding skills over time.

To make this idea a reality, I developed the online Python training app As a course member, you have reached premium member status at the Finxter app -- for life!

Please contact us with your username to save your power user status ( As a premium member, you can solve an arbitrary number of code puzzles and you get certified about how much puzzles you have successfully solved.

After you have finished the course, send me an email to claim your $25 freelancing gig! This helps you to get a foot in the door and kickstart your career on the global freelancing market.

Additionally, please send me your contact information such that I can put your name to the freelancer job board. You can also use my email address as intermediary if you don't want to publish your own for privacy reasons. I will then forward your job requests to you.

Moreover, you'll get access to a full range of Python courses at the Finxter Computer Science Academy. There are many interesting courses about topics such as NumPy, machine learning, data science, Python basics for absolute beginners, the toolchain, and object orientation. The Finxter Computer Science Academy is meant to push your skills even further and it's part of this freelancer program.

An important part of your education is a thorough training plan. I've developed one that consists of 70% practice and 30% theory. Please make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet for yourself and start tracking your time. The Spreadsheet contains a link that describes how it works in detail:

Please fill out the blue cell - with the number of minutes you want to invest per day in learning and practical projects.

The plan is highly practical: 70% of your time is reserved for practical projects. Either select an own project, an archived freelance project for training purposes, or a real freelance project. Please see the links in the "References" section of the document to find good starting points.

Start with a simple project and finish it. It is very important that you finish each project that you start with. Don't stop working on a project because it gets ugly! Work on the project until you have a minimum viable project (MVP)! Coding ALWAYS gets ugly and one of the most important skills is to keep pushing until resistance reduces.

Print the plan and check off the four boxes every day. If you can not check off a box on a day, do it ASAP on the following days.


Finally, as a course member, you have obtained the rights to register to our exclusive Facebook mastermind group. This group is all about giving and taking. We help each other with our practical, motivational, and emotional problems as aspiring professional programmers and push us to reach better levels of success in programming. I am actively involved in this group. Here is the link to the Faccebook Mastermind Group.

As a small present, please find the free PDF ebook version of my book “Coffee Break Python: 50 Workouts to Kickstart Your Rapid Code Understanding” in the next lecture (or check out both ebook-courses to which you already have access). The book and the course work together to help you to manifest the material. The puzzles are similar but modified so that you have to think for yourself without merely remembering the learned material.