Your Training Plan (100-Days Training Challenge)

An essential part of your education is a thorough training plan. Based on my experience teaching hundreds of thousands of Finxters, I've developed a training plan that consists of 70% practice and 30% theory.

I call it the 100-Days-Challenge. And Finxters who completed it are usually blown away by their progress, both in their skills and their practical code projects.

Feel free to make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet for yourself and start tracking your time. Just click the following link to make your own copy:

Some hints

To use the training plan, fill out the blue cell - with the number of minutes you want to invest per day in learning and practical projects.

The plan is highly practical: 70% of your time is reserved for practical projects. Either select an own project, an archived freelance project for training purposes, or a real freelance project. 

  • Please see the links in the "References" section of the document to find good starting points.
  • Start with a simple project and finish it. 
  • You must complete each project that you begin. Don't stop working on a project when it gets ugly! 
  • Work on the project until you have a minimum viable project (MVP)! 
  • Coding usually gets ugly, and one of the most important skills is to keep pushing until all resistance goes away and the project starts working.

Print the plan and check off the four boxes every day. If you can not check off a box on a day, do it ASAP on the following day.

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